Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter Saturday 2013

Happy Easter!

Today we did Easter activities while telling the story of Easter. I'm a Christian mum and throughout the Lent period the children and I have shared Bible stories and made our own Lent tree with pictures relating to the stories.

Todays activities were stained glass crosses & tomb rolls. I had heard of tomb rolls before and liked it as  a way to tell the story in a fun way this was a first time making them for us.

We bought a tube of Jus-Rol croissant pastry (naughty mummy isn't great at pastry), a bag of white marshmallows and armed with butter, sugar and cinnamon we got to work. 

We set the pastry on a baking sheet

Mixed 2 teaspoons of sugar with a good shaking of cinnamon

Melted some butter and the children dipped the marshmallows in it.

Next they rolled the marshmallows in the sugar and cinnamon.

Popped the one marshmallow onto the pastry

and rolled the pastry.

once they were all done we put the sheet into the oven which was preheated to 190 degrees and left them for 15 minutes.

While we were waiting for our tomb rolls to cook we went and made some stained glass crosses to put up in the little people's bedroom windows. They chose which colour card they wanted, 2 pieces each, and we cut out cross shapes (using a template so they were the same size) . Next we took some sticky back plastic, cut to the right size, and decorated with pretty bits from the craft box. 

Once they were satisfied we sealed it with another piece of sticky back plastic. 

Then we glued the card with the cut out cross shapes to sandwich the 'glass' and decorated the card with Christian stickers which we bought from they chose which stickers  wanted to use and as you can see little Mr was taken with the "Jesus" stickers.

While making the crosses I told them how it fitted in with the Easter story and reminded them that we had put the marshmallows into the pastry and how Jesus' body was put in the tomb just like we put the marshmallow inside the pastry.

Soon the rolls were ready and looked fabulous and smelt delicious!

We put them on a plate to cool slightly and talked again about how we had made them. 

Once cool enough we took one each and put it on our plates, we cut them in half to see that the marshmallows were no longer inside! The pastry was empty, just like the tombs after Jesus had risen.

The children were amazed and excited to see how their pastries had come out and took great pleasure in buttering them before gobbling them up.

Very enjoyable activities that I hope will become Easter Saturday traditions for our family.


Mummy Daddy and Me makes Three said...

What lovely ideas, and it would be a great idea to make traditions to do every year. I am a big fan of traditions as I think that it is lovely to have something to look forward to every year. x

Just the way we want to said...

Ah thank you. I love traditions although we didn't really have any growing up, I'm finding it so fun making traditions with my little family xx