Thursday, March 28, 2013

Fun with DIY bath paints

One of the most fab things about our family and our home is that we love to have fun and we don't mind a bit of mess while having fun (well, hubby sometimes freaks a little but is getting better).

A few months back I saw a picture online, I have a head like a crabbing net so can't remember where unfortunately, of some home made bath paints and thought I'd come back to it at some point and have a go myself but as I couldn't find it but liked the idea, today we winged it and made our own.

We took some silicone cake cases, some soapy foam (we had a few cans of Noddy foamy soap left over from Christmas but I'd have had a go with shaving foam had we not had that), food colouring - at last a purpose for those left over half used bottles and a couple of paint brushes from the craft cupboard.

We put a squirt of foam in each case then mixed a few drops of colour into each.

The colours came out great, very vibrant and fun. Little Mr was keen to be chief tester so he jumped in the bath with his paintbrush while I set up the cases along the side of the bath and then he was free to be artistic without any worry of lasting mess.

We practiced reading and writing, painted pictures, painted on ourselves and enjoyed it very much! We will definitely be using bath paints again, great fun and cheap as chips!

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littlemisssdc said...

Hi. Just been introduced to your blog.
I love this post. Absolutely brilliant idea.
I've bought bath crayons previously and have been, quite frankly, very unimpressed with them. They didn't last very long, the colours were dull(black?) and some of the colours didn't wash away very easily and came off on the kids.
Will definitely give your bath paint a go.
Stacey x