Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Sowing spring seeds

This year feels very exciting! The children are 2 & 3 and in to everything but they are developing their own little interests so we are exploring all sorts.

Spring hasn't bought with it much sunshine but a few pretty flowers have shown their faces and sparked the interest of my little people so I took them on a trip to pick their own gardening goodies then we got the little ones started on planting their first seeds- lots of fun and lots of mess but most importantly 2 happy little faces.
Little man's first daffodil

We put some bean sprouts in a jar, they are quick growing and low maintenance so should hold the interest of the little people. For those interested you soak them in tepid water for 24hrs then drain them off, rinse in fresh water each day and store in the airing cupboard for around 3 days before moving them to a window sill for a further 3-5 days. Easy little project to start with. 

Next we went for another easy one- cress! I'm hopeless at growing things from seed but even I can mange cress. Little man chose a pot and we filled it (maybe a little too much but that didnt matter) with cotton wool balls, soaked it, and ourselves, with water, sprinkled on the seeds then topped with a layer of toilet tissue and said "night night cress". The tissue will come off in a couple of days once they are sprouting and hopefully in a week we will have some yummy cress!

While on a roll we took a seed tray and the children selected some pansy seeds to attempt in here. We put a layer of soil in the tray, sprinkled with water with our cute new watering can, then scattered some seeds on top. This will be a real challenge as I've never managed to keep a flower alive from a seed- let's hope the kids are better gardeners than me!

Next we decided to have a go at sunflowers, the children planted 2 seeds each so we have our fingers crossed that we will see some signs of life from their pots soon.

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