Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Starting at the beginning

So here is post one of our new blog. So much to say so I'll start at the beginning.
There are 4 of us in our little family, well 6 including the kitties, and we like to do things the way we want to (hence the choice of blog title).

Our Little Miss is 2 & Little Man is 3 and they are whirlwinds of fun. My husband and I are baby led and very happily married.

Since our children came along we have liked nothing more than to be together which led us to the decision to home educate our little treasures. We already have a lot of fun with crafts and enjoy learning together. I wanted to start a blog to record our journey, our projects, the fun and the trials of home life :)


Actually Mummy... said...

Welcome, lovely to meet you :)

Just the way we want to said...

Thank you, wonderful to meet you too x