Sunday, April 21, 2013

A crafty Sunday afternoon

This afternoon the children and I did a bit of hand and foot print painting, one of our favourite activities at the moment.

I did a post recently of footprint butterflies, the children absolutely love doing them so we did a few more for their grandma's birthday present. Their cousin had come to play a couple of weeks back and I did his prints on a small square canvas so today The Little People did their prints on the same size canvas.

I put the paints out, gave them a saucer each for mixing and asked them to choose the colours they wanted. Little Mr wanted orange and Little Miss wanted pink - perfect opportunity to do a bit of colour mixing!

Orange first, we discussed what colours orange was similar to and if the children thought we could make orange. They suggested pink, red, yellow and brown are like orange but didn't think we could make orange (didn't really expect them to at 2 & 3) so I gave them the yellow and red paints to put a bit of each on a saucer and mix it together. As the colours blended they very quickly shouted that it was orange so we made a little song:

Red and yellow,
red and yellow,
mix them up,
mix them up,
turn them in to orange,
turn them in to orange,
bright and bold,
looks like gold.

It's not a great song admittedly, it was made up by toddlers and me after all, and we pinched the tune, (can you guess which tune we sang it to?) but it did help them remember which colours we had used.

Next was pink so we did similar but without the song, one at a time is sensible right? (read as: I couldn't think of another tune to pinch haha)

Lastly we did purple at Little Miss' request. Such a simple activity mixing colours but they really enjoyed it .

We got their prints on the canvas then left them to dry. Once dried I got the Sharpies out and drew on antenna and wrote each child's name under their prints. lastly we used glitter glue pens to put some pretty, sparkly dots to mark the trail left by the beautiful butterflies and there we have it, a custom gift of 3 canvas prints belonging to Grandma's favourite little people!

Our next canvas project was hand print birds. After choosing colours and having their hands painted, they pressed them onto the canvas, hands together at the thumb, fingers fanned.

Once dry we turned the canvas upside down, drew heads and beaks on the birds with good old Sharpies, then stuck coloured feathers to create the tail feathers and lastly the googly eyes.

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