Saturday, April 20, 2013

A little visit with the Avon Owls

Last week we went on a little Monday to Friday holiday at Haven Burnham-on-Sea, our favourite UK holiday village, I'll blog more about the holiday over the next few days but I wanted to share one of the highlights of our holiday first.

On Thursday Avon Owls visited the holiday village so we went by to have a look, the Little People like owls and like to point out the owl sticker on a local pharmacy window so we thought they might enjoy looking at some owls. 

As we approached we saw half a dozen or so beautiful birds perched, and happily looking about at their surroundings, and another gorgeous big owl proudly sat upon the arm of a gentleman with an Avon Owls branded jumper- we soon discovered this was the man who runs Avon Owls.

In the background is Nyra- she is gorgeous and very big!
in foreground is Athena, a long eared owl

Spice- a beautiful Barn Owl



The children were in utter awe at the gorgeous birds and actually myself and The Mr were too, they are stunning creatures.

We noticed that we could hold the birds for a small price so asked Little Mr if he fancied it. Being a fairly cautious little fellow we weren't really expecting him to want to but he said yes! There were a few people ahead of him in the queue so we walked around looking at the owls, talked about what they might like to eat and looked at the colours of their feathers and eyes. 

Almost at the front of the queue, I picked Little Mr up and told him to ask "the man" which bird he could hold. The chap walking past with a beautiful (and huge!) European Eagle owl sat upon his forearm stopped as Little Mr asked "man, can I hold an owl?". "You want to hold an owl do you?" came his reply. Little blue eyes lit up as Little Mr said "yes please!" and reached out to pick up the huge owl! We explained he better hold a small one as that owl was bigger than him.

A cute looking Tropical screech owl, called Chico, was selected and little man was kitted out with a small glove to protect his arm and then the owl was put upon the glove, while the owner had a hold of his lead to keep him safe. He was talked through how to stroke the owl gently and told all about the owl, how old she was and her rescue story. Little Miss didn't want to hold the owl but was very happy to give her a gentle stroke. 

Little Mr with Chico
Once he had had enough the bird was settled back on her perch and I could see that my husband was dying to have a turn, he is a big kid and I didn't want him to miss out on the fun so told him to choose one to hold. He picked Gimley, a stunning male African spotted eagle owl, and got chatting to Gimley's owner who clearly loves the bird as much as Gimley loves him back. The children and I watched the macho chat about this large bird who had a few pecks at The Mr in a playful way and showed off his huge wings.

Daddy & Gimley
It was a wonderful experience for us all and we learned some interesting facts, took photos and bought a few photos as souvenirs. The little ones have been talking about the owls ever since so we have decided to do a project all about owls.

Avon Owls are based in Weston-Super-Mare and are available for local events (I'm already making mental notes for charity events we are planning!) they are currently fundraising to set up a sanctuary for the owls, which if they are successful with will eventually be opened to the public. We have our fingers crossed they reach their goal as we would love to be able to visit the owls again for fun and educational days out.

Details of their Sanctuary appeal are here

Thank you Avon Owls for a making it a special experience for us all.

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Just the way we want to said...

They really are gorgeous aren't they, such interesting bird too. Looking forward to doing our project and learning more about them x

Coombe Mill said...

This looks like a great recommendation on a day out. Educational and fun for the children. A perfect post for Country Kids.

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Thanks very much, just about to link up xx

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yey thanks for joining in. The linky is every Saturday to Thursday so hope to see you again.

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Hi thanks for your comment. It is currently a small family business which is run as non profit but will be applying for charity status once the sanctuary is up and running. Hope that helps