Sunday, April 14, 2013

A new chapter but not a new start

This is my last day as a 20 something. Tomorrow I turn 30!! Eeeek!!

To be honest I'm not at all down about turning 30, I thought I would be and a few weeks back I was gloomy about moving on to another "grown up" phase but the closer the day has got the less I'm worried and the happier I am.

I have been thinking about everything I have achieved in my life time and what I have ahead of me and in all honesty I can't be sad about that!

I am married to my best friend, my soul mate and the kindest, most wonderful man I've ever met. I have two beautiful, intelligent, adorable children who make me smile every single day. My best friends in the World all under this roof.

We have a nice house where we have lots of fun, playing, reading, making mess and laughing. Lots and lots of laughing and love in this home. 

I have some great friend's, many of them I don't see as often as I'd like but I am thankful for them all the same.

Before I had the children I had a good job, got some priceless experience and picked up useful skills. I enjoyed it most of the time but what I have always wanted was to be a wife and mum. Now I have those things I know that is the job that was always meant for me. 

I know I'm not the most organised, I don't have a show house standard home but I'm still new to this job ;) 

Tomorrow I will wake up just as thankful for all I have, plus a bit more for all I have gained since writing this post. My blessings are added to each and every day. 

I want to make sure that now I've made the time to realise all this I never forget it so I'm making a promise to myself that when I wake up tomorrow life will not start or even start over at 30, but it will continue in the wonderful way it already is and I will look for the positives in even the gloomiest of days, cherish every happy moment, stop worrying about my weight or the grey hairs peeking through, the hurdles I face with having a chronic illness, or if someone disagrees with me. 

Those things are not the things that matter in life. Loving my family, friends and myself and having them love me back, making the most of life, laughing and enjoying every opportunity. THOSE are what matter.

I've set myself some challenges, started a Day Zero project, which I will share with you tomorrow, the start of a new decade and a new way of living life.

Here's to the next chapter

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Bee Bonnet said...

Lovely thoughts, reminding me to be grateful for all my fantastic family, looking forward to the next chapter, Bee