Sunday, April 07, 2013

Footprint Butterflies

I have developed a bit of a Pinterest addiction over the winter months, pinning project ideas for myself and the children, I found myself spending lots of time pinning and very little time creating, so a couple of weeks ago I searched "toddler craft ideas" and decided we'd make the first thing that showed up that we had all the materials for.

In the first row of Pins was footprint butterflies (original link here) which was perfect for us as we always have half a dozen blank canvases and plenty of paint in the craft cupboard.

We got out our plastic play sheet to avoid any mess on the carpet,  out some paints and canvasses and were ready to go!

The Little People took it in turns to have their feet painted in the colours they chose.

Next I took a canvas for each child, and pressed their feet onto the canvas, right foot on the left side and left foot to the right of the first print- like shoes on the wrong feet  :)

Once the the prints were dry I used blue water colour, very watery and pale, to give a sky like feel. Normal people would probably do the background first but hey, I'm not normal!

Lastly I added a few swirls and decorative dots with good old Sharpies and glitter glue pens. I also wrote their names in the corners but have cropped them in my pics.

Little Miss'  butterfly

Little Mr's butterfly

We are all pleased with how well they turned out and the Little People decided they would like them on the walls in their rooms.

They would make wonderful keepsake presents for family and friends and I'm certain a few of our relatives will be receiving butterfly canvas prints this year!


Bee Bonnet said...

Omg I am totally making feet butterflies, they look super professional! Bee x

Just the way we want to said...

They are so easy but effective, lovely pressies :) would love to see yours if you do them x