Sunday, April 28, 2013

Frog project - life cycle

My memories of summer as a child often involve fishing around in old ponds and streams with my brother, we'd have little nets and search around for newts and frogs then we'd watch them for a while to see what the funny little creatures did. More often than not one or both of us would end up falling into the pond ourselves!

When I saw that a friend had some spawn in her pond I thought it might be nice to show the little ones how fascinating frogs are so we have started a project- much to the joy of my 'love all things creepy, crawly and slimey' 3 year old son.

Last week we went to the library and found some books about frogs and pond life to help us on our way. We soon decided the best place to start our project was with the life cycle.

With my children being so young I wanted to keep it simple and was pleased to find this page of free printables with simple pictures to colour in. We went for spawn, a tadpole, a froglet and a full grown frog, printed them out then gave the children 2 each to colour before cutting them out.

Next we stuck together 2 A3 sheets of card and in the middle I drew a pond outline, which the children coloured in with green and blue crayons, then I numbered the corners of the presentation sheet 1-4.

I asked Little Mr if he wanted to start with the mummy or the baby frogs and he selected the grown frog so this was the start of our cycle and we stuck her on #1.

Next we talked about what the 'baby' frogs would look like at first, it took a while to convince them that they started as spawn rather than tadpoles so we had a look through the books and read some sections on spawn and eventually Little Mr glued the picture of spawn on to #2. Same with the tadpole and froglet, we looked in the books and I asked which they thought would be next then they were glued in place once we had agreed.

I wrote the name of each under their pictures and drew arrows indicating the cycle phase by phase and then we played some memory games to learn the correct words. The one that caused most confusion was froglet.

Our life cycle poster has been stuck up in the hallway, our current place to display projects, and we be learning more about frogs over the next  weeks and adding to our project. I'll link each activity as we do it.

If you have done your own frog project or related activity I'd love some inspiration :)

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