Thursday, April 04, 2013

Introducing the Little People to charity

I've never been rich, or anything close to rich, but I've always been aware of the importance of helping others where possible and that is something I want my children to grow up understanding too. Whether it be passing on baby clothes to family and friends, donating goods to charity shops, popping a few pennies in a collection pot or joining in with fundraising, it feels good to be helping.

The past 2 summers the Little People have taken part in the Barnardos  Big Toddle to raise money for disadvantaged children. They are sponsored to do a short walk while in fancy dress (according to the theme set for the year)  and have lots of fun while doing so. 

Little Mr at the Big Toddle 2012
This year we haven't found a planned Toddle near by but that won't stop us, we are arranging our own toddle followed by a picnic by the sea and will be inviting toddling friends to join us! 

As any family with young children will probably have experienced we are always having outgrown toys and clothes lurking around taking up space. It feels like we are dropping off bags at the local charity shop every other week! This week I decided to get Little Mr involved so we took an empty box up to his room and I explained to him that he has lots of toys he doesn't play with but another little boy might like and that if we put some toys in the box we could take them to a shop and they would go to a new home and the money would be helpful to other people. He agreed we could have a look through his toys and see what he no longer needed.

I wanted him to be able to take control so held up toys for him to shout out "keep" or "for other little boy". He surprised me by choosing to part with all the baby & toddler toys that I would have selected myself. We soon filled the box and moved on to his wardrobe to weed out some outgrown clothes. When we were done Little Mr waved goodbye to the box as it went off to the charity shop. I was impressed at how well he did so have decided to make it a regular exercise for him & Little Miss.

Little Mr's charity shop offerings

Little Mr loves to put pennies in collection boxes when we are out and about and especially likes it when we go to the supermarket and have green tokens to put in the green local charity boxes. Last time we went we had a look at the green boxes first and then on our way around we talked about each of the charities so he could think about which one he wanted to give his token too. He chose an animal shelter because he likes cats, I love that he was able to think it through and make his own choice.

We have also registered for Marie Curie Mini Pots of Care 2013 which is a first for us but we can't wait!

How do you involve your children in charity fundraising and donations? I'd love some fresh ideas to try out with the Little People!


Mammasaurus said...

Children are so thoughtful and I'm a true believer in nurturing the joys of being charitable with mine. We do a very simple thing where we collect all the loose change we find in a money box and then hen it's full we donate the money to a charity. The amount of times my little ones come running with a 2p excited to be adding a another penny to the 'saving the babies' jar (their choice of wording not mine!)

What a smashing post!

Just the way we want to said...

That is a really nice idea, I am going to start a coin jar for my Little People, thanks so much for the idea xx