Monday, April 01, 2013

Little Mr makes lunch - egg & cress sarnies

A few days back I posted about Little Mr taking an interest in growing things and that we were growing cress, among other things.

The cress didn't take very long  grow so within a few days it was ready to eat. Little Mr wanted egg and cress sandwiches and since he grew the cress we thought we'd let him use it to make us all egg sarnies for lunch!

cress all ready for eating

While his daddy boiled up some eggs Little Mr set about cutting and washing the cress.

Next he mixed the cress with some mayo and a bit of pepper before buttering the bread.

Once the eggs were boiled and cooled, Little Mr helped daddy take the shells off.

Then he mushed the eggs up and stirred them into the cress mayo.

After filling the sandwiches he proudly presented  each of us with our sandwiches, topped with Frazzles (well.... I did let him choose lunch!)

And there was the first lunch made by Little Mr, aged 3 years and 3 months. What   proud mummy moment! Of course he was supervised and helped throughout but he was very pleased with himself and quite right too.

We fitted in a few fun lessons while making the sandwiches too, we looked at the cress and talked about how it had grown from the seeds and what it had needed to grow, the cotton wool, water, light and space to grow, we also explained to him about the different types of boiled egg, hard, medium and soft boiled, and that they need to be boiled for different lengths of time.
One of the things that caught Little Mr's attention was water displacement. We put cold water into the measuring jug and popped the eggs into the jug to cool, we showed Little Mr how an egg  going into the jug caused the water to rise and each egg we added caused it to rise a little more. He loved it so  are planning more water play this week.

It was a fun exercise, making a snack and using the process for learning and Little Mr enjoyed it so much he got started on another lot of seeds!

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