Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Our little holiday to Haven @ Burnham-on-Sea

To celebrate my Birthday this year I decided to get us a 4 night stay at Haven in Burnham-on-Sea, now people who read my blog will probably be wondering why we holiday 30 minutes from our house?! I have often heard it said that its not a holiday if it isn't at least a 2 hour drive from home but for us a holiday is about much more than distance or location.

For us holidaying at this particular site is great as we don't have to drive for hours to get there, not stressed out screaming toddlers or car sickness 30 minutes into a 4hr drive, we are there in no time at all which is great as we can never wait to get there. 

The staff there are lovely and there are loads of on site facilities to make our holiday fun without costing loads extra. There are indoor and outdoor swimming pools, a play ground, fishing lakes and a small lake you can go round on peddle boats, bowling alleys, arcade and of course the Show Bar which has entertainment through the day and night.


So you see if doesn't really matter to us if we are 30 minutes away or 10 hours away as long as we are together and have a few facilities to enjoy. Oh, and they have a pizza place on site that will deliver to your caravan! Woohoo!!
There was even candy floss

We can make the most of our holidays come rain or shine and that is a good thing since the weather so far this year hasn't been wonderful. We had rain on a couple of the days but were able to make the most of that by puddle jumping, using the indoor entertainment and imaginative play inside the caravan (which was gorgeous by the way!). 

Stranded in shark infested waters
Remember when you were small and you used to build a little den out of blankets or pretend the sofa was an island in a shark infested sea? So much fun wasn't it? Well trust me, it's still fun now. We covered the floor in blue towels and used sofa cushions, suitcases and all sorts as little islands in the sea and the Little People even found a pirate ship. They swam from ship to island as fast as they could to dodge the sharks and it kept us all busy until the sun came back out.

Tuesday we went for a walk into town via the beach, it was a shame that it wasn't really warm enough to have a proper play on the beach but we had fun anyway, Little Miss and I walked down towards the shore, splashing in puddles and throwing pebbles, picking up shells and writing in the sand while The Mr & Little Mr walked along the beach path, being giants jumping over 'bridges' and stomping up and down the steps.


Wednesday there was a party at the Show Bar and the children played party games, danced, sang and iced little cupcakes before nibbling them up.

Thursday was the day that Avon Owls came to the site and we spent some time in the morning watching and holding them before setting off to the Show Bar where the children played on the huge bouncy castle which has a sea theme that was perfect after our previous shark play!

Shark soft play
Each evening we went for the children's entertainment and the kids absolutely loved running around and dancing, meeting new little friends and of course raising the shop for glow in the dark toys. It was so lovely to watch them enjoying a holiday properly for the first time, at 2.5 & 3.5 they are both big enough to know what they like to do and they just had the time of their lives, we can't wait to take them away again, holidays are wonderful memory makers.

Little Mr meeting Anxious

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