Thursday, April 11, 2013

Rainy day in Spring time

It's April -  Spring time. Apparently.... Okay I know showers are expected in April but the sun seems to be having an extra long winter break.

Today the Little People and I thought we'd go for a walk to visit the ducks as it was dry out. Typically we got about 50 yards from the house before the clouds woke up and gave us a shower!

Trundling on toward the bridge where the river runs below, Little Mr kept us entertained by sharing his opinions on various gardens that we passed "ooh that one is pretty", "this one is yucky with no flowers", "I want a bucket like that" and my favourite "oh dear... that poor garden is sad" heehee such a funny little fellow.

We also walked past the rare sight of a telephone box, one of the proper, red telephone boxes. We have walked past it hundreds of times but today, in the rain, Little Mr stops to ask "Muuuum. What's that? It's like the Doctor?" Ah yes, he is his daddy's boy indeed.

Satisfied, for now, that it was a box with a phone in it and not the Time Lord's holiday home, we continued on our duck hunt. Fortunately the weather hadn't put the ducks into hiding and they greeted us happily, as if they recognised the two little figures with carrier bags of bread hooked over their arms, while still managing to drag them along the path.

After launching half a loaf of bread to their feathered friends, and giggling  amazement at the duck who was "washing him's hair" while diving for crumbs, we headed off to the park. Little Mr politely asked the "silly clouds" to stop raining as he wanted to go on the slide and was pleased when the cloud obliged.

We turned the corner and the park came into view much to Little Miss' delight. They raced off to the gate and clambered up the steps, desperate to whizz down the slide. Then there were 2 little frowny faces looking toward me. "Slide all wet now!"  Little Miss exclaimed, as if  I'd somehow made it so...

Of course I had nothing to wipe it with as it had been dry when we left. I tried to coax them toward the swings and rocking toys but they remained at the top of the slide, arms crossed, bottom lips out, chanting "slide please mummy, pleeease!!) What is a mummy to do?!!

We parent's are resourceful, so glancing around quickly and wondering if it was really appropriate, I used that wonderful trick us girls have and whipped my vest top from beneath my jumper (without getting tangled thank goodness) and hoorah - we had a slide wiping cloth. I dried the slide to the sweet sound of "good boy mummy" (they will grow out of that right??) and soon enough I had dried the slide to Little Mr's satisfaction and away they went!! go each...

And then..?

"Home now mum, I'm cold"


Ty xx said...

You know when you get grumbled at for laughing to loudly its a brilliant post!!! Xx

Just the way we want to said...

Ah thank you! It's funny, when I started this post I thought it would be fairly boring but the Little People make everything fun and exciting :)

Ty xx said...

I love their comments on everything. Your exact quoting is brilliant!! Good boy mummy! X

Coombe Mill said...

What a delightful post and well done you with your wiping cloth. Do come and link up with me on Country Kids. All about outdoor fun for children.