Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Tackling a fussy eater - pasta

Who doesn't love pasta? So many varieties and combinations to be had, macaroni cheese, lasagne, pasta bake, ravioli, the list goes on and on, gotta love it right?  Who would turn their nose up at it? Little  Mr, that's who.

He is a fuss pot with some foods and textures and will take one look and say "no, that's yucky". I don't mind anyone leaving food they don't like but I wish they would at least try it before saying no (teenie bit hypocritical as I stopped eating meat at 4 and refused to eat or try any more meat since then-oops).

I have tried all sorts of pasta with Little Mr (especially to sneak veg in during periods where he refuses it and I want to squeeze in his 5 a day) with no luck at all, so yesterday I thought I'd have a go at changing the presentation rather than the meal itself.

I recently got some gorgeous sundae dishes that the children have been admiring but not been allowed to use for fear of smashing the little pretties, but for this meal they'd be useful. I'd make pasta more appealing by giving it a fun look!

Pasta in a creamy sauce with mushrooms, onion and sweetcorn, served in the sundae dish and topped with a sprinkling of sweetcorn kernals, grated cheese and a swirl of tomato chilli dipping sauce. My kids love sauces so end up with it on all sorts of meals, not so much ketchup but mayo, thousand island, chilli & tomato, mint, tartar etc etc. and they like the weirdest combinations! They may get that from my lovely grandad who has been known to have salad cream with his Sunday lunch (as well as gravy!) if you don't try it you'll never know if it works eh?

So this is what it looked like. Kinda like a pasta sundae.

Looks kinda weird I'll admit but I assure you it tasted nice together. I presented it to the little ones with a dessert spoon and fork and waited with baited breathe as Little Mr gave it the once over and finally took a spoonful....

"yes darling"
"what's that?"
"It's pasta babes"
"mmm! It's nice mum!"

Phew!!! He ate the lot and asked for more then told me all about how much he loves pasta and sweetcorn.

Now that he has tried it and realised he likes it pasta won't be a problem anymore-hoorah!

I will continue to find ways to get my boy to try foods he has never tried but thinks is "yuck" & will share the outcomes here but would love some other ideas for tackling fussy eaters! If you have blogged your fussy eating ideas leave me your blog link and I'll check it out!

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