Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Update on Little Mr's seeds

Do you remember I posted last month that Little Mr was fascinated with planting and growing things?

I thought I'd do a little update to show you how my little trainee gardener is getting  on.

I've never been good at growing things or in fact keeping plants alive so I did have a little silent groan when Little Mr showed interest but being a child led family I wasn't about to refuse or put him off of this educational, fun and useful activity so we went for it and kept our fingers crossed that he would be more successful than his parents.

He certainty was more successful (so far that is) and yesterday we were able to move his little seedlings to planters in the garden.

The Little People's Grandma gave Little Mr a couple of planters so we put some soil in one and Little Mr made four little holes and we carefully moved his Sunflowers into their new home.

Next we moved over his mixed flower seedlings into a separate planter.

We moved them both next to the play house and Little Mr proudly watered his little flowers.

So far so good. Proud of my little man, he certainly knows his own mind when it comes to what he likes,

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