Thursday, May 16, 2013

Art display pegs

This is such an easy thing to do I really don't know why it took me so long to think of doing it, we have bags of wooden pegs & string for crafts and lots of paintings that the Little People have brought back from nursery, not to mention the dozens per week we do at home, so all that was missing was some way to display their works of art.

One afternoon, when we had no activities planned, we got a handful of pegs and all our paints and set about painting them in different colours, some plain, some striped, spotted, even the odd camo effect peg by Little Mr. We painted as many as we could before it became a tedious task for the little attention spans then we  pegged them onto a craft basket to dry.

Once completely dry we found some push pins and string and pinned a little painting 'line' in the room of each little one, high enough to be out of reach should they decide to attempt to swing on the string.

Then we lifted them up to peg their latest masterpieces up - pride of place displayed in their bedrooms.

They love having their paintings and writing up in their rooms and it's nice to not have to stick them in a pile out of sight, and the painted pegs set it off perfectly.

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