Saturday, May 11, 2013

DIY wrapping paper in the tuff spot

Today we wanted to do some activities that were fun and messy, things that would make us happy and bring giggles and smiles. It was important today as today was The Mile in Memory walk, to raise money for The Lullaby Trust. We weren't able to join in on the walk but wanted to be part of it in our own little way.

We have lots of birthdays coming up and thought we would make some wrapping paper so we got out the tuff spot in the garden, put down a fleece blanket to keep our toes and bums from the cold patio, grabbed a roll of paper, paints, brushes, bubbles and a few random toys from the toy box and we were ready to go. 

First we mixed bubble solution with pink paint and blew bubbles onto the paper. It was quite windy but we were able to make some cool bubble prints.

Next we put some spots of paint on the paper and on the tuff spot and drove cars through making colourful tracks, we had races with our cars and tried to get them to whizz across the paper and then come back to us.

We also had some little bricks to make fun prints with.

We made all sorts of patterns, all got covered in paint and had a fabulous time.

Once we had done around 2 metres of paper we decided that was enough so we got out our new jumbo bottle of bubbles!

We took in turns to blow big, colourful bubbles and Little Mr waved up to them and said "Bubbles for you Matilda". It was a perfect way to feel connected to the walk as we were doing things that were inspired by Matilda Mae.

The Little People and I often talk about baby Matilda, a baby we never met but like many families across the country, has become special to us.

I love how this one came out heart shaped

Another easy and fun activity for the tuff spot, who wouldn't love wrapping paper made with love and laughter?

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