Friday, May 24, 2013

Felt heart gift pouch DIY for kids & adults

This is a really cute home made gift idea, fab for last minute gifts that don't look like last minute gifts, Pinterest has absolutely loads of felt heart pressie ideas and this is one I saw and adapted a little. They would make sweet valentines presents or even wedding favours and the best bit is they are easy enough for anyone to make.

I used red felt but any colour you want to do will work just as nicely. I folded a small piece of felt in half and drew a rough half heart and cut it out, obviously once unfolded this gives your heart shape. To make the front of the heart you need 2 pieces, the top and bottom of the heart, but they need to overlap slightly to form a pocket. I drew around the top part first, going slightly more than half way, then again with the bottom, taking the top edge a little higher than middle.

I stitched along the edge of of the top part of the heart I did but when Little Mr had a go he didn't do this bit and it still looked lovely, it's just decoration really.

Next position the 2 heart pieces onto of the complete heart and stitch around the outside so they are together with the opening in the middle and that's it done!

You can fill it with sweets, little notes, tickets to a show or anything small and sweet. It really is simple enough for a child to do, Little Mr has made one for his Grandma. I did a few stitches to show him how it worked and he did ask me almost every stitch where to "stick it" but he got there and was pleased with himself. Here is how he did it:

 What do you think of the finished product? Cute eh?

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Lemonade Budget said...

This is such as sweet idea, I bought some sparkly felt from Hobbycraft and have been wondering what to do with it! Xx