Sunday, May 19, 2013

Frog play in the tuff spot

This week our tuff spot play was fitting with our current project - frogs!

We filled the tuff spot with water and it became a pond. Using green foam I cut out some lily pad shapes and we took some pre cut pink foam flowers to finish off the lily pads.

Next we added some plastic gold fish and frogs and we were good to go.

I took 6 drinking straws and taped them together in a bundle and we used them to blow tiny little bubbles (just be reeeally careful to blow into the straw and not suck!!). 


The great thing about using these straws for this particular activity was that as well as creating lots of little bubbles we were able to create clusters of bubbles, which upon landing in the 'pond' looked like frogspawn! We chatted while we played, talking about the frog life cycle and creating spawn clusters near the frogs. It was great fun.

It wasn't long before the Little People got in and had a splash about.

I love how this type of free play brings out so much in them & their imaginations. We played games of throwing frogs onto lily pads and seeing how many we could get to stay on the pads. The fish liked to jump out of the water a lot and the frogs occasionally needed saving as they were upside down at the bottom of the pond! 

 Eventually they moved on to making "muddy puddles" and jumping in them

And of course Little Mr wanted to practice writing and drawing on the patio.

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


Coombe Mill said...

As you say this type of water play brings out their creativity and allows them explore their imaginations. Thanks for sharing your lovely pictures and ideas with Country Kids.

Mum of One said...

Looks like they had a great old time! Thanks so much for sharing with the Pin It party! Have pinned :)