Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Learning new words in the sunshine

Yesterday we had a very busy day! The Mr had volunteered to help the Avon Owls out at a local agricultural show so we popped down to see them and have another look at the owls and all the other wonderful animals. It was very busy and very hot though so we didn't last long before returning home to have ice lollies and play in the garden. We had made some lemonade ice lollies with candy corns in them the previous day so they were perfect for a Bank Holiday treat!

Little Miss wanted to play with some magnetic words and watch some tv so Little Mr and I went into the garden where I had an idea for some fun learning. We grabbed our box of chalk from the craft cupboard and I wrote some words on the patio, one word per slab. We started with 6 common words: to, slow, am, the, so and me. 

I called out the word and Little Mr jumped to the word I had called out, simple but effective! He really enjoyed it and soon asked me to write some other words, he told me what he wanted to see and I wrote them down. 

A little while later he asked to add even more words but this time he wanted to write the words himself, eventually we had 13 words written down and were taking it in turns to call out words and hop around the squares.

Writing 'Mummy'

To keep it fun and varied we write "start" and "finish" on some more squares and Little Mr would hop around from start to finish jumping onto the words he could read, if he got it wrong he went back a square. It was great fun and amazing to see how well he picked it up. 

Action shot!

We also tried playing this game in a slightly different way which was by me spelling out a word for him to hop on to. This worked well for words he was struggling to remember. 

Once he was sure he knew a word Little Mr liked to underline the word and spell it out to me "s.e.e is see mummy!"

We both laughed a lot!

Adding more variety we blew bubbles and tried to read the words that bubbles landed on. This would probably work better with a sports bean bag or a pebble but we can try that another day.

By the time daddy got home, Little Mr was able to confidently spell a few new words and was excited to show off the second his dad walked through the door. 

Little Mr is 3 and a half and loves letters and words and can currently read approximately 40 words, he loves learning new words so this game will be fantastic fun for the summer.

I also plan to do similar using letters and numbers rather than words for Little Miss, who is 2.

Such a simple exercise but so much fun, a great summer activity and helps with letter recognition, spelling, reading, writing and co-ordination.

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


Distressed Housewife said...

What a lovely idea; I might be pinching this! :)

Distressed Housewife said...

What a lovely idea; I might be pinching this! :)

Just the way we want to said...

Thanks, it's so easy but lots of fun and seemed to really help him learn some new words. Lots of different variations too to stop the rascals getting bored ;)

Coombe Mill said...

I love this, learning for kids at that age should be fun and not sitting in a classroom. A brilliant idea. Thank you for sharing such an imaginative post on Country Kids, I'm sure it will be used by others now!

justthewaywewantto said...

It's a pleasure joining in. It's lovely to have the weather to do activities like this. I think they learn better through games like this too :)

Cloud CouCou said...

Thanks very much for visiting my blog and for your comment. The lavender has arrived so will hopefully have some finished pomanders (if that's the right word?!)soon. I love this idea for learning words I think I'll have to try this myself.

eehbahmum said...

This is a brilliant idea. Can't wait to try it (will add to the list of things i'm sure i'll forget to do later).

justthewaywewantto said...

Ah thanks for your comment, much appreciated. Are you on twitter? Would love to see an update on your pomanders :)

justthewaywewantto said...

Ah thank you, it was lots of fun for both of us. Simple things eh? :) Let me know if you have a go!

nortonmum said...

What a fantastic game, I miss playing fun games with my son (now 12). He would have loved that one.