Friday, May 31, 2013

Magic Belles website & app

Today has been one of those days... the kind where you count your blessings and do little more than cuddle your loved ones. 

This afternoon Little Miss and I snuggled up in my bed and had a play on my kindle and looked for new apps that would be nice for Little Miss. 

We are fans of Magic Belles, who we found via Twitter some time back, and were excited to see they have released an app. Little Miss is almost 2.5 and Magic Belles has appealed to her since before she was one and my little sisters are 6 & 8 and they also love it, it seems to appeal to many ages. We downloaded the free version of the app and Little Miss was immediately excited and squealed "it's my pretty little girls" so without even trying the free app I bought her the full version. I'm a sucker for that excited little face.

I didn't really know what to expect or what the app actually did but was very pleasantly surprised, the same cute, bright characters Little Miss loves were all there with their own musical mini games plus one with all of the Belles on together.

All the games are cute and musical and there are sweet little extras that add some magic. There is a little snail who wanders around the bottom of the screen, flowers that spin, bunnies & a frog that hop around the page when tapped. The music is calming and relaxing which is lovely as it helped Little Miss relax and enjoy what she was doing without being put off by background noise

One of her favourite games features little dot to dot puzzles that when complete, made up the 6 symbols that represent the fairies. This was great for number & sequence recognition as well as coordination and as with the other games there were other things to do on the page to make it even more fun.

There are all sorts of sweet things you can do, one of the games has little toadstools that you can paint all the colours of the rainbow.

Magic Belles is aimed at young girls but Little Mr likes them too and I have no doubt he will play this app as he likes the website, I think it's great and have actually played a bit since the kids have been in bed, its cute and calming & brilliant for the children as it encourages them to explore each page while making music.

*I have not been paid for this post, nor was I asked to write it


Maxine of the Magic Belles said...

What an absolutely wonderful thing to wake up to! Thank you so much for your review - can't tell you how happy it has made us to see such lovely comments and to hear that Little Miss (and Little Mr) are enjoying it so much. Big smiles and, of course lots of magic dust from us all in Bellevue! Maxine of the Magic Belles xxx

Jaime Oliver said...

This looks fantastic x said...

It really is lovely. So many cute things to look at and discover and the music is nice, not noisey at all just cute and soothing :) thanks for your comment x said...

You are so welcome! We all like it, I've even caught the Mr having a go ;) Thanks for such a lovely app xx