Monday, May 13, 2013

Making flavoured butter

Since Little Mr and I first made butter together, we haven't actually bought any as its too fun making it! One day while her brother was busy playing, Little Miss came out to the kitchen and asked if she could make butter. We already had plenty of plain, unsalted butter but I thought we could have a go at making some flavoured butter. 

This time we took a clean jar and emptied the cream into it, replaced the lid, checking it was tight, then shook, shook shook. 

It did take a while and after about 5 minutes The Mr suggested it would have been more sensible to use 2 jars so that it would shake easier... Of course he was right! We quickly divided it into 2 jars and carried on shaking, from this point in it was much easier and you could see and feel the difference in the cream as it changed in consistency. Once we could see that the butter and butter milk had separated we sieved the contents of the jars one at a time and put the butter in separate bowls ready to mix with flavourings.

We chose 2 very different flavours, garlic and honey. The honey was first up so we added a teaspoon of honey into the butter and mixed it with a fork before putting it into a ramekin and popping it in the fridge.

Next was garlic so I gave a clove a quick chop before handing it over to Little Mr who was waiting impatiently with his pestle and mortar. We have never done this before and typically me I didn't look up the best way to add garlic to butter but can't really go far wrong. Little Mr bashed the garlic for as long as he could stand, until it was squished and small enough to be acceptable in butter, we tipped it into the bowl with the butter and gave it a whisk with the electric whisk to make sure it was flavoured as evenly as possible then popped it in another ramekin in the fridge.

They came out fantastically! Of course garlic butter is something most of us have had before and I must say fresh and home made is amazing and full of flavour. The honey butter was a winner on breakfast muffins and toast - yum!

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