Thursday, May 23, 2013

Playing Postie

Today we did something that was quick and easy but good for hours of fun, and not only fun but gave the Little People a chance to practise their reading and writing.

We always seem to have empty cardboard boxes about and I have recently found it fun to turn them into little props and temporary toys for imaginative play, today we were playing post people.

I taped up the openings in the box and cut a slot in the front and a little door in the back 

We have made a post box before but we painted it and had to wait for ages for it to dry before we could play so this time we went for a quick and easy option and covered the box in red tissue paper, with pva glue, Little Miss loves to glue - just as long as it doesn't go on her skin!

We finished it off with the Little People's initials on the front in cut out yellow card before cutting A4 coloured card into rectangles small enough to fit through the slot.

These became our post cards and cards which we coloured in and wrote messages to each other on. Simple messages with words that they recognise.

Little Miss, at 2.5, only recognises her own name, her brothers name and " mummy" & "daddy" so we kept her messages simple with messages like

 "To Little Miss, 

I love you, 

love Mummy"

We have a few little stamp sets so after drawing our pictures and writing our cards we stamped them before posting them. This was fun for a long time and we made and posted lots of cards. The little ones didn't need any encouraging to write their own messages and said it was "really fun".


Once all our postcards were safely in the post box we took turns to be postie, retrieving the mail and passing them out to the right person. 

The Little ones loved having their own post and being able to read out what the messages said, it was lovely to see how into it they got, they were pretending to collect mail and take it to the box for each other and calling out for "Mummy postman" to empty the box when it was full.

It's a fun and easy activity and took us no more than 15 minutes to make the post box, making the cards was all part of the game so they didn't lose interest during the making period.

During a little scuffle over the post box some of the paper got torn but with tissue paper its so easy to fix so hopefully it should last a few days play too!


Anonymous said...

Cute idea

ben_price_ said...
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ben_price_ said...

They've been loving doing this. Well done little wife! XXXXXXXX