Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Special K

I was very excited to see that Special K were doing a linky challenge with Brit Mums,  to celebrate their first change since 1983 mostly because I turned 30 this year so it seemed somewhat fitting, but also because I LOVE Special K! I applied but sadly my box arrived too late for the official deadline, after a few grumbles to myself (and my poor hubby) that I was sad to not take part, I decided I'd do it anyway.

In the '80's when I was just a little one, Special K was a 'grown up's' cereal and I wasn't interested in trying it for myself although my mum loved it, I knew I wouldn't like it because she used to tell me "No this is mummy's cereal, there is yours" and of course my mum was telling me I wouldn't like it because I really wouldn't... Or was it that she wanted it for herself? Hmmm...

The '90's came and I had a sneaky taste of mums Special cereal. What?? Hang on, I think she had tricked me after all, I did like it! It didn't get soggy like those other flakes I'd had, had a lovely crunch and tasted so good. I carried on sneaking Special K when I could get away with it.

Into the 2000's and I was grown up enough to buy my own Special K, still as yummy as I remembered, a real luxury cereal, I could see why my mum would want to keep it for herself. 

2013, Special K is changing its recipe, it's now even more wholesome and good for you, and I've turned 30. I'm married and have my own children to hide my Special K from "Sorry sweetheart, that one is mummy's, you won't like it..." ;)

When my box of new recipe Special K arrived I was excited to try it and see how it compared to the Special K I know and love. From the first spoonful I knew this would be a new favourite. The taste is lovely, still got the lovely crunchiness, great texture, just enough sweetness and no soggy flakes to be found - my kids actually would love it (not that I'll tell them that).

I used to dread change. I like things the way I know them and sometimes changes aren't for the best, but like the way I have changed through my life from a child to a mum, Special K is different but just as nice.

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kateonthinice said...

You are such a Special K fan! Commenting for BritMums and thanking you for doing this post