Thursday, May 02, 2013

Sun, fun, milk & bread

Wow what a lovely day it was today, the sun was out, the temperature was lovely and we were all feeling bright and bubbly so we wanted to make the most of it. After yet another trip to the dentist we went for milkshakes and then for a pub lunch where we sat in the garden, enjoying the sun, making daisy chains, eating popping candy and rolling down the slope! Proper old school summer fun.

When we got home Little Mr and I hit the kitchen for some fun lessons in making supper! We were short on time so cheated a little and used a bread mix which we mixed with water and after Little Mr had kneeded it we left it in the tin to proof for 30 mins.

In the mean time we took 2 300ml tubs of double cream and poured them into a large bowl.

Using our electric whisk, Little Mr whisked the cream for around 4 minutes on full speed. By this time it was lovely whipped cream!

We stopped to have a look at how the cream had changed, and to give Little Mr's arm a rest, then the whisk went on again.

Approximately 10 minutes of whisking and finally the cream started separating into butter and buttermilk!

I scooped up all the solids and shaped it to make a ball of butter, squeezing out any buttermilk, before rolling it into a sausage shape and placing in a Tupperware pot.

Little Mr ran the buttermilk through a sieve and we put it in a pot to use in buttermilk muffins.

By this time the loaf was ready to go in the oven which we had pre-heated to 180.

30 minutes later the bread was done so we all had home made bread and butter for supper- delicious!

Next time we will do bread from scratch and the butter will be done in a jar!

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