Monday, May 20, 2013

Windmill Hill City Farm Spring festival

On Saturday we had a fantastic day at the Windmill Hill City Farm in Bristol, a few of us got together for a little family day out as it was the Spring festival.

We took a picnic and as the weather was perfect, we squirted on the sun cream and set off a day of animals, music and farm fun.

Having never been there before I wasn't sure what to expect but the minute we walked through the gate the vibe was fantastic. It was quite crowded, which is usually not my ideal setting, but everyone there was really nice and it gave the whole event a relaxed and comfortable feel.

There was live music in the courtyard as we walked in and there were gardens and farm area all around with all sorts of plants, fruit and veg growing.

After a little walk around we found a quiet place to stop and have a picnic. The children were able to run around and look at the pigs which they absolutely loved and we sat in the sunshine listening to the music and catching up on family news.

Our friends from Avon Owls were there so the kids all held an owl of their choice and absolutely loved it, the birds are gorgeous and a real highlight in the day - I think its my turn to hold one next time!

There were a couple of donkeys and goats from Horse World so we stopped by to have a look at those after walking around the farm area and looking at all the different plants that were growing. It was a lovely, calming experience.

Another favourite for the Little People was a lady who helped them make small biodegradable pots with salad garden seeds inside. Its such a fab idea that we will definitely do again.

You take a sheet of newspaper, fold it length ways at about 3" wide so you have a long strip of paper then using a special tool she made it into a pot which we filled with soil then a couple of seeds.

I'm not sure what the tool was but think I may be able to make or use something that would work similarly.

The pot is planted straight into your garden planters and the paper rots away over time, such a great idea!

The other side of the farm had a big stage with live bands on and several stalls and beer tents so we finished up our trip there listening to music and having a cheeky pint while the kids danced in front of the stage.