Tuesday, June 04, 2013

A family picnic in the park

I love picnics, always have but never seem to go on them which is why I put it as one of my Day Zero tasks and funnily enough since I did that I have been on 3 picnics and have another one planned this week!

Today the sun was out again so we packed up a picnic and headed of to the park and playing fields by the seafront in Clevedon.

We found a nice spot and set our blanket down along with the picnic basket and cool bag, kicked off our shoes sprayed on the sun cream and popped on our shades ready to relax.

There was hardly a cloud in the sky as we tucked into our sandwiches and the sun was warm but not too hot. The little ones ran off picking flowers while The Mr & I kicked back reading our e-books (I'm desperately trying to get back onto reading and on track with my Good Reads challenge).

There is a little train that runs around the park and the children had never been on it before but were very excited watching it go round the park so they dragged Daddy off to ride the train with them, as expected they loved the train, the waved and called out "hello" to people walking past and wanted to go again.

We headed to the playground to burn off some energy.

The sun was still out when we returned home so we went out to the garden to play & water the flowers. Little Mr was very excited to see that his plants are growing very nicely and there were even some cute pink flowers emerging, and plenty of buds (which is fortunate as just after a snapped a pic Little Miss picked one of the flowers ooops!)

Little Mr tended his flowers very proudly, he has a planter full of mixed flower seeds, a sun flower and 2 magic beans growing, all from scratch (much better than mummy ever does!) I love how enthusiastic he is about it, I'm planning on getting him a mini greenhouse for next years seedlings - he is a gardener in the making.

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