Sunday, June 02, 2013

A sunny afternoon out at Grimsbury Farm

The sun is here at last, it was obviously waiting for June to hit so we could have a fantastic summer, which was perfect as I had planned to catch up with some friends today at Grimsbury Farm. I had never been before which is crazy as I lived within minutes of there for at least 23 years of my life, my friend got it spot on in saying it's a hidden treasure, I've never even noticed the (huge) sign on the countless times I have driven by.

Anyway, we got there before lunch and heading to the park which was a huge hit with the little ones, I couldn't even guess how many times those little legs went up and down the slides.

We stopped play for a picnic (isn't picnic food just the best?) in the play area so the little ones could dip in and out in between playing. The play area is brilliant, it has 2 gates but both are easily kept shut with safety catches and all the adults were great when it came to keeping the gate closed and not letting lone children out! It's instantly clear that it's the kind of place that attracts real family people who look out for others.

Little Mr wandered off a few times to chat to other families and even asked for assistance getting onto some of the play things and everyone was welcoming and friendly. I certainly felt more relaxed there than I do in other busy play areas!

After lunch we headed off around the farm which was wonderful, we saw chickens happily walking around freely on the grounds. We went on to see some cute goats, donkey & pigs and Little Mr was thrilled to be able to stroke them.

 Next we saw a beautiful big horse, who's smaller friends were sunbathing and not much into socialising - who can blame them, it was lovely out!

Next we saw rabbits, more pigs, sheep and goats, which the little ones fed grass too and found very exciting, although my sweet Little Miss was so excited she got muddled and told me she held a horse :).

After our walk we popped into the cafe to buy ice creams and sat in the sun. The cafe is fantastically priced, the ice creams were no more than you would pay elsewhere and actually some of them were far less than I have seen in similar places. The staff were lovely and chatted with us about the animals around the farm and were very nice with the children. It was so welcoming I felt as though I was a regular there.

After our ice creams we headed back to the park for another 1.5-2hrs. The children didn't tire of the play area at all and I'm sure they would have stayed much longer had they not been exhausted from their busy day.

We stopped by the duck pond before heading off home, vowing to visit again. It is a wonderful day out, I highly recommend it, and believe it or not entry is free! The farm is based in Kingswood, South Gloucestershire and well worth a trip if you are in the area. I can't wait to go back.

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