Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Daddy gets involved with messy play! #Fun4Kids

Happy Tuesday all! What activities have your family enjoyed together this week?

As you know the kids and I have been going to Splat messy Play sessions on a Friday morning, we all love it and have had great fun getting mucky and exploring new textures.

Last Friday I wasn't able to go to the session so The Mr stepped in to go with the Little People.

I was really pleased that he was keen to go and get involved since he isn't a massive fan of mess, and the children were very excited that Daddy went to messy play with them.

I told them to take lots of photos and tell me all about it. It looks like they had great fun and I thought it would make a nice post for this weeks linky.

A little bit of dinosaur painting....

As usual Little Mr spent a lot of time catching bubbles. "we loved the bubble machine that would never turn off!" said The Mr, like Father like Son eh? ;)

Rainbow rice
Play dough

Daddy put foam on Little Mr's head and didn't tell him for a long time - what a meanie.

.....but Little Mr got him back with a hand print on his T-shirt! Heehee!
They even got Daddy messy!!
Apparently this was a favourite - green water! Such a simple idea but of course since Daddy was with them it wasn't just green water, it was water that turned their hands into Incredible Hulk hands!!

Green hands
They all enjoyed it, I was sad that I couldn't be there but pleased they had fun together. That evening some photos went up on the Splat Messy Play Facebook page and I got a little insight of what others saw my little family getting up to, I had to giggle when I saw a photo where Little Miss was sat on the floor with her daddy sprawled out on his back. I asked him what he was up to and he said "my girl made me play ring a ring a roses with her!" He is a big kid too.

Please feel free to link your family fun posts so we can share ideas of ways to make memories.  Many thanks to, & Welcome to the mummy madness for linking last week.

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