Saturday, June 15, 2013

#DayZeroProject take a free online course

I love learning and despite my dislike of my school days, I enjoy studying, I haven't done any official learning for years and now I am busy with the children, and am still as shy around new people as I was at school, I am unlikely to take up a physical course in the near future, distance learning is more my kind of thing. Upon writing my Day Zero goal list I came across a task set by others "take a free online class". Perfect for me, so I added it to my list and was actually quite amazed to see that there are free online courses about if you look for them. The course I took was 'Child nutrition & cooking"  which was a 5 week course consisting of video lectures, quizzes and weekly cooking assignments. The focus was around creating healthy, balanced meals that would appeal to all ages, and specifically something a child of 3 and above would eat.

I posted my assignment recipes each week (week 1, week 2, week 3, week 4) and the course came to an end last week and yesterday I received an email to say my results were in.

I enjoyed the course, researching ingredients and putting together the dishes but I really liked the feel of being involved in a 'class'. We had a discussion forum to discuss the lessons and assignments which was nice as it helps you to feel involved, it was really quite fun to get the old brain cells working again.

And the results?

97.9% with distinction!

Okay so it's not an MA or anything but it has made me really want to get back into some proper study. In the mean time I have signed up for several more free courses and can't wait to get stuck into those.

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