Saturday, June 01, 2013

Decorated trinket box

This is a little tutorial for a simple but lovely home made trinket box. I have made a couple of these recently as little gift boxes or part of presents for family and friends and I really like how they look when finished and you can personalise them to fit the theme or person you are making them for.

I bought the paper mache lidded boxes from eBay, they come in various shapes and sizes.

I covered the base of the box in patterned craft paper and used liquid pearls to hide any joins and also add some decoration.

I found some nice old sheet music and used it to cover the lid, and then covered the edges with the patterned paper to finish the look.

This box looked lovely as it was but I have been having a go at making paper flowers lately and decided I wanted to make a little one to add to my trinket box. 

First cut out a spiral in your chosen card. This does not have to be perfect at all and in fact the less even it is the more effective the finished look is. Next bend some of the edges back to create the spread petal look.

Finally work from the outside and roll tightly to the centre. You need to leave a small circle at the centre in able to glue the bud securely.


I used a glue gun here as it seals quickly and holds in place nicely. I put a blob of glue on the centre circle, let the bus relax slightly to give it an open bud look, then fixed the bud onto the glue. 

Next for the outside petals I cut out rough heart shapes, again there don't need to be perfect and the size doesn't need to be exactly the same. 


I creased the heart shapes too to make them look more authentic then turning the 'bud' upside down I glued the petals onto the base of the bud.
Lastly I brushed the petals with an antique gold coloured ink pad and glued onto the box.


And here it is, my finished trinket box that doubles as a gift box 

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