Sunday, June 09, 2013

Easy & edible chocolate playdough

This is a quick and easy recipe for play dough that smells yummy and is edible should your munchkins fancy a nibble of their creations (which is what usually happens when my Little People make play dough food!)

2 cups White flour
1 cup Icing sugar
4 dessert spoons chocolate spread
4 dessert spoons vegetable oil

Mix the flour, sugar, chocolate spread and half of the oil in a mixing bowl until the ingredients are fairly evenly blended.

Add the rest of the oil to the mix and knead with your hands. This is where it will eventually start sticking and forming a dough like texture as well as darkening in colour.

There you have scrummy smelling chocolate play dough that is edible! It's so simple you could let your kids make it themselves - mine helped me this time as we'd never made it before and I was making up the recipe as I went along but it would be a good activity for messy play.

It moulds easy, isn't sticky and with the chocolatey smell is good for sensory.

I love the look on Little Miss' fave here as she tries to sneak some dough into her mouth
The dough can be stored in the fridge in a sealed tub - if it's not all been eaten that is! (which is not advised obviously!!)

I can't wait to try some other 'flavours' for dough as the scent makes it a much nicer play activity - I think a play dough ice cream parlous is next on the cards. Watch this space.

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