Monday, June 10, 2013

Getting us organised

Monday again... But Monday is no longer dreaded as I've joined Pink Oddy's Motivational Monday, so from now on Monday for me is about setting challenges, making changes and improving myself and the lives of my family.

Motivational Monday

Since being struck with chronic pain & fatigue I have found it hard to get on top of some things, thankfully The Mr is amazing and picks up where I struggle but I really want to start making life easier for all of us so today I have spent a bit of time working out how to do that.

First things first is chores. Gah! I actually quite like housework when it isn't totally overwhelming but that means keeping on top of things. The Little People love getting involved in anything we are doing so I thought I might give chore charts a try. They are only 2 & 3 so I don't want to give them loads of jobs to do but it's more about learning routines and getting into good habits.

I started with a few basics for the kiddos, so that they aren't overwhelmed,and left some spaces at the bottom so that we can write extra chores or tasks on should we need. I think we will print these and laminate them so we can wipe clean and reuse them.

Only fair mummy & daddy have a list too - sets a good example you see - so this is ours, although I have left it blank in the tasks column as they are likely to change depending on our plans each day so I will write them in each weekend for the weekend coming.

I think we will use it as a form of reward chart to so each tick for the little ones will be tallied up and they can have a treat of their choice depending on the amount they get.

My plan is this:
At the end of the week we add up how many each child has and those will be used for the week following to get a treat. 

50 ticks is a small treat from the sweet shop
70 ticks a magazine

or they can out their ticks together for something bigger

100 ticks a ride each on the train at the park
180 ticks an afternoon at soft play

I'm hoping that once we get used to following our charts it will free up a little time (while I'm not flapping and stressing and wondering what to do) and I can start spending more time with my husband as we regain the balance on housework.

Apparently when you are a grown up there has to be some work and not all play..... *sulk* ;)

Feel free to use my charts, here are some with the tasks taken out so you can print and add your own.

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