Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Jelly bean ice lollies

Ice lolly weather is well and truly here, much to the delight of my ice lolly loving Little People! I bought some lolly moulds recently so that we could experiment a little with lollies (plus save a load of money on shop bought lollies!)

Today, for a treat after another lovely sunny day in the park, we made jelly bean ice lollies! This is so simple I cannot believe I haven't tried it before but still I know now,

We had half a pack of jelly left from a previous dessert so I made it up with half a pint of water, left to cool then filled up the jelly moulds leaving a little space at the top.

Next I popped a few Jelly Belly beans (vegetarian friendly of course!) into each mould before putting them in the freezer.

Once the lollies were set we took them out to see if it had worked.

I have tried putting sweets into lollies before and it hadn't really worked, I think it might be because I was using jelly sweets, gummy bears etc and they were just kind of melting into the ice, it seems that the 'shell' on jelly beans keeps that from happening but I shall have to experiment more, it may be that it would work better in jelly than regular squash and water lollies.

As you can see they looked pretty cool when they came out, brightly coloured and a row of jelly beans along the top (pineapple, cherry & toasted marshmallow flavours - yum!)

They tasted great too, the flavour was much tastier than regular lollies and the jelly beans were a nice extra. You really get the jelly taste.

I am tempted to do the next lot in layers so I can put beans in each layer rather than just the row that comes out along the top. Also cant wait to try other things in our lolly moulds - so many scrummy possibilities and of course I'll have to test them so I can give a proper opinion ;) yum!

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