Friday, June 07, 2013

Our first Splat- Messy Play session

Anyone who reads my blog will know that the Little People & I LOVE messy play (The Mr not so much but we are still working on that) so imagine our delight when we discovered Splat Messy Play on Facebook - messy play sessions for under 4's, running in North Somerset.

We booked our spaces almost a month ago and have been on a count down ever since, last night Little Mr was so excited when I told him it was only one more sleep to go.

This morning I was greeted by 2 bouncing little people squealing "we go messy pway now mummy" so we headed off before they burst with excitement.

The room was really well set out with various play stations and plenty of room for running around and making new friends. The play stations provided this week were:

Squirty cream in a tuff spot for sensory play and of course mess!
This was fun, the kids took a while to warm up to it and kept going over for a look before running off, but they eventually braved it and got some squirty cream on their hands. Little Miss is funny about having mess on her for too long, which is one of the reasons I wanted to come to messy play sessions - for her to see that other children do it too and they like it and nobody minds little ones getting mucky. She held her hand out to me and said "get it off" I told her that as we were doing messy play she could wipe it on her clothes, or her brothers clothes or even my clothes if she wanted. She tentatively wiped her hand on Little Mr's t-shirt and we all laughed so she did it again, then she wiped it in his hair. Before long they were both taking handfuls of cream and wiping it on each other and me - this station was a success!

Water play with boats, funnels and all sorts of cups and containers.
All kids love water play don't they? This was a popular one, shoes came off and toes were dipped in, water was splashed and poured and it was going great until Little Miss splashed her top, cue panic about her top being wet, again I explained to her that it really doesn't matter, we looked around and saw another toddler sat in the water with clothes on, perfectly happy. I think this was the moment it really clicked, before I knew it I'd had water tipped into my lap and over my shoulder and neither of them were worried about their clothes being messy or wet.

Play dough and shape cutters.
A classic favourite in our house, I can't believe I never thought to use silicon cupcake moulds with play dough though! Little Miss immediately filled a case and presented it to me while singing Happy Birthday - too cute. Little Mr loved making shapes and cutting them up with the scissors.

Purple sand with a little dumper truck, spades, sand rakes and shaped moulds.
This was the favourite, hands down. They kept coming back to this station and building the sand into piles, loading it onto the truck, dumping it out again, watching sand fall through holes in cups and of course flicking it at each other and piling it into each others hair.

 Sand play is something we've not done much of before but will certainly be looking at doing more often, they both got in the tub and felt it on their feet, jumped around in it and made hand and foot prints.

Dry pasta shapes - which I thought was great fun but the little ones seemed wary of. Little Miss jumped in bare foot before looking up at me and saying "I don't yike it". It's fab for sensory and discovering new textures so hopefully they will give it more of a try another time.

A gluing and sticking table, which had some pre-printed sheets which the children could stick coloured paper, shiny foil, glitter, foam shapes and craft straws onto to make their own collage picture.

Lastly a painting area, which was brilliant as it was set up with a big roll of paper taped to the floor and pots of paint, brushes and foam shapes to make print.

The Little People love painting usually but stood back a bit on this today, they had a quick go and kept going over to look but I think they weren't quite ready to get that messy this time. Other little ones got stuck in and were covered in paint and looked like they were having lots of fun doing so - so much fun.

We had a lovely time and the kids were excited to get home and tell their daddy what they had been playing with and all the fun things they had done.

The group was nice and relaxed, everyone was friendly and welcoming, I've been to toddler groups before where the atmosphere isn't all that inviting and it takes the edge off the fun but this was lovely through and through. We are all looking forward to next week - it's just the kind of fun we love and I'm sure it will help the Little People get over the few little wobbles they have about mess.

If you live local & have under 4's I'd highly recommend these messy play sessions, the details of location and times of classes are here

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