Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Personalised canvas for little friends

Today was the 1st Birthday of a friend's baby girl - such a special occasion. As a family on a tight budget we made a "give more home made gifts" pact after Christmas so the 4 of us got our heads together to come up with a present to suit a Special little Princess.

Little Mr wrote out his little friends name using wax crayon.

I love that he was left to write it in his own way as he ended up writing the name in a quirky way, over 3 lines. 3 letters on the top line, 2 on the middle and one on the last, which I wouldn't have thought to do, and it looked really good, he is much more confident in his artistic talent than his mum is in hers that's for sure.

Next both children used water colours to paint the canvas, as the name was in wax the paint didn't cover it so they painted over the whole thing as they wished.

Once the paint had dried I used a selection of liquid pearls to add a border and a butterfly for detail.

Cute isn't it? I think we will be doing more like this in future, they make nice personalised gifts & keepsakes for young friends.


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