Saturday, June 29, 2013

Sunshine & water balloons

What a lovely day it was today! For the first time this year we got the paddling pool out and it went down a treat with the Little People, we put warm water in so they didn't get too chilly, and moved the slide so they could whizz down it and land in the pool - great fun (and I may be a tiny bit jealous I'm "too bigger" to play too!), we also put some bubble bath in which made the slide super slippy heehee!

Little Mr picked up a pack of water balloons in the 99p store last week so we filled some up and threw them around the garden. As always the little ones were wary at first as they hadn't seen them before so we got Daddy to have the first go... Oh boy am I glad we did that..?!!!

Of course you can imagine what the little ones wanted to do then??

Yeah... lets throw water balloons at the play house window and see if we can break it too. Haha!

It was great fun and we all laughed a lot!

Little Mr is super pleased that his Sunflower is almost peeking out - he has done much better than I ever have planting a seed.

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