Friday, June 21, 2013

That's my Kids week 1 (for me)

I love this new linky from Welcome to the mummy madness a chance to just natter about your little ones and what they have been up to - my favourite thing to do ;) heehee

We have had a fun week, Little Miss got her own Reading Eggs account and has been really enjoying being allowed to play, rather than being told to "sit and just watch" by Little Mr as he plays on his account. She is almost 2.5 but amazes me with her love of letters and words, she is just like her big brother. Little Mr is 3.5 and at last count could read 80 words and write 46 without asking how to spell things. He can even put sentences together by himself, have a look at this cuteness:

I've taken up a new hobby over the last week, paper cutting. I did a cut for Little Mr's room and he was soooo impressed with it he rang my little sister (his 8 year old auntie) and told her "mummy is very clever".
And while on the subject of my kids being loving and making me feel all squishy and loved, Little Miss has taken to telling me she thinks I am "so prettyful" - These kids melt my heart.

We had fun with our #kidsgrowwild challenge this week, I love this pic of Little Miss taking seeds out of the packet :)

Oops, this seems to have turned into a bit of a proud mummy/ boasty post but it wasn't meant to be, I can't help but whittle on about my little friends, they amaze me every single day.

welcome to the mummy madness

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