Tuesday, July 30, 2013

An outing to Animal Farm Adventure Park

Today we had an unexpected free day so we all hopped in the car and whizzed (at the speed limit of course) down the motorway to Animal Farm Adventure Park near Brean. We went there once last year but it was a bit of a disastrous day. We walked there from the holiday park we were staying at and it was waaaaay further than we had expected, about 5 miles, with the little ones in a double pushchair, a long country road with no paths (and a stream with very little to stop you falling in should you get a wrong footing), some light showers and not the best walking shoes.... By the time we got there is was properly raining and our luck worsened so we left after about half an hour, in the back of a taxi ;)

Hoping for a better experience we arrived before lunch and the little ones were excited straight away, Little Mr was singing Old MacDonald once he saw the word farm and as we are "likers" of the Farm's Facebook page we were able to grab an offer on the entry price (they have them often so worth checking out if you are planning a visit), having noticed a few days back they had Fireman Sam & Naughty Norman Price appearing. Both little ones love watching Fireman Sam so we thought it would be fun for them to see him in 'real life'.

There was a great, big, bouncy castle that had a couple of sections to keep the little ones safe from bigger ones but Little Mr just got on and bounced with the other children. They could go on there at no extra cost which is always good for me!

Bouncy castle and on the left you can (just) see the little tractor on his way round the track
Next there was a little tractor ride, individual tractors that went round a track, the kids & The Mr went on and thought it was great fun - again no extra charge whoop whoop!

We went on trampolines, fed sheep, goats & alpacas, looked at chickens and other fluffy friends then went to the stage area to see Fireman Sam! It was all very exciting and the Little People were waving and putting their thumbs up to Sam as they waited in the queue but of course we got to the front and they cried and ran away - always the way!

There is a small cafe on site so we went to get some lunch which to be honest was a bit of a stress, there were a few issues, nothing major, the food was fab and fast, although a bit on the steep side and the till manned by (seemingly) inexperienced staff who sent us to-ing & fro-ing.

Last stop was the indoor play area which is really good, the kids highlight of the day with various slides, ball pools and climbing frames. Oh, and the amusements. "coin please" was a phrase we heard several times.

All in all it was a nice day, the kids enjoyed it which is the main thing. I have to say having been twice I don't think we'll go again, I'm not fully convinced it's somewhere you can go more than once and not be bored but having said that they have different character appearances, which I'm sure is great for the kids, but it's quite expensive, in my opinion, for what we got to do. Maybe my view is a little unfair since there were other rides and a mini golf course available but the little ones weren't interested in those.

It was a day spent as a family and there were plenty of smiles on little faces which is the thing that makes me the happiest.

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