Thursday, July 18, 2013

Bottle top stamps and paint mess

Today we had some fun with paints and it seems the little ones are over their fear of getting mucky at last! I have been collecting plastic bottle tops for a few weeks so we could make some stamps, having seen the idea on Pinterest several times.

These are really simple to make and work really well. We used pre-cut foam shapes and glued them to the bottle tops using PVA glue - A little side track but an empty Play Doh tub is great for keeping PVA in!

PVA glue
Bottle tops

DIY stamps!
 Once they were dry we tested them out with the paints - it was great fun and I think it would also be fun to do with water on the patio but not sure how well the glue would cope if it got too wet, still we can try that another day.

This was where it started getting messy!

Little Mr's snake!

"Happy face Mummy!"

"oooh green hands like Hulk Smash"

Eeek! Time to take it outside! By this point they had both painted their hands green and were running around shouting "Hulk smash!" and leaving a trail of green hand prints behind them...

It was such good fun - I can see this week's Splat Messy Play session being very messy but we'll see :)

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