Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Fun on the beach

This post is rather overdue, I have been busy busy lately but I really wanted to share these photos of our little day at the local beach.

The little ones haven't been on the beach here much as it's very pebbly and can make them (and me) unsteady on their feet but last week we took a wander along the seafront and decided to have a proper walk along beach.

It was great fun, sea air, seaweed, rock pools. The things that take you back to your childhood when you close your eyes and deeply breathe in the smells & take in the sounds.
Little Mr & his stick

Both the Little People picked up sticks on the beach and used them like walking sticks, this was so lovely to see as it brought back memories of my brother and I, not much older than my children are now, trailing after our grandfather, him with his stick and us with ours. We used to find a great one and strip the bark, sand any rough bits - serious stuff! I love it when my children's actions reminding me of my own childhood.

Seaweed was something that proved interesting - neither of the children had seen it up close before but The Mr enjoyed showing them what it looked and felt like.

Dry seaweed and wet, slimy seaweed!

We threw pebbles, sticks and seaweed into the water to see what happened to each, sink or float?

There were plenty of rock pools to explore. Little Mr stood at the edges and poked his stick around to see what he could find. Little Miss of course was straight in, jumping around and splashing in delight. Another thing I remember from my childhood, the fascination with rock pools. I'm looking forward to being able to take them crabbing and searching for little sea creatures. That was always one of the highlights of my childhood holidays.

The beach is such a lovely place to be, we are very privileged to have it within walking distance, a child's dream to grow up rock pooling and paddling in the sea.

The days that remind me so much of my childhood are the days that remind me to have more like that. I want my children to have endless wonderful memories that make them smile, and I want to make thousands more memories enjoying it with them.

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