Monday, July 01, 2013

#MotivationalMonday 4 week review

So, I have made 4 #MotivationalMonday posts so far and thought it was time to review the goals I have set myself - after all it's one thing to set goals but another to stick to them.... Eeek!

Motivational Monday

Week 1 I challenged myself to start getting back in shape and set a few 'simple' goals to help me get there. I'll be honest, they are simple but I haven't quite met them but that's okay because I've made a start, I am drinking at least 2 litres of water a day, walking more than I was (although not as much as I should be) and I will be getting the Wii set up, and using it, today!

Week 2  was about getting more organised... Yeah that didn't go so well BUT there have been steps in the right direction. The house is all up together (mostly thanks to hubby there) so I am printing off the chore charts today and we will get cracking on them.

Week 3 I decided I needed to give the TV a bit more time off and I am pleased to say I have managed this! I could do more but this is what Motivational Monday is all about for me, little steps in the right direction. I've been enjoying having quiet time and reading or working without the background buzz and have even started listening to music again which is lovely as it always cheers me up.

Week 4 was a bit different but so important to me. I struggle with self confidence which in turn affects many areas of my life, I don't socialise as much as I'd like and I'm way too shy, even around people I know really well. So this last week has been about me liking myself more, learning to love myself the way my family love me. This has been the most successful so far. I'm far from happy & confident but I've not given myself such a hard time, instead I have been focusing on the more important and positive things.

I am so glad I discovered Motivational Monday, yeah okay so none of my goals have been fully met but to be honest I set them with the intention of being ongoing, things that I can keep going on until they become second nature. I definitely have been more motivated, at least attempting things that I had ignored previously so #MotivationalMonday has proven successful.

This week I will be tying up loose ends for previous weeks and setting a new goal. I'd like to start writing letters the old fashioned way, pen, cute stationary (which I love by the way- one of my weaknesses) and stamps. Of course the price of a stamp these days is crazy so it won't be something I'll do every day but monthly letters to my dad or distant friends sounds like a nice way to keep in touch and boost that TV down time!

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