Monday, July 15, 2013

Onboard the home made Christmas train!

I love Christmas! It's such a wonderful, magical time of your, winter has always been my favourite time because I adore the build up to Christmas.

Pink Oddy's #MotivationalMonday is all about home made Christmas ideas and since I'm really enjoying making gifts lately I'm going to jump on the Home made Christmas train and get myself organised for a proper Home Made Christmas!

Motivational Monday

I have been pinning like a crazy woman and now have a nice little board of Home Made Christmas ideas which no doubt will keep growing forever ;)

I started doing home made last Christmas but if I'm honest I wasn't that great at it, mostly down to lack of self confidence, but this year I am up for going as home made as possible.

 Here are a few of my projects from last year:

Felt Christmas tree.

The kids loved this and had so much fun with it through the Christmas season. I used a large green sheet of felt to cut a simple triangle tree then cut out a star which I stitched to the top of the tree. At the base I stitched a few presents, complete with bows and that was the base sorted!

Next was decorations. Since it was all felt the ornaments attach easily and safely to the tree so I used different colour felt to create baubles and candy canes. Some were decorated with felt, some glitter, I also put my childrens' initials on a couple of them,

I used some left over green felt to make a little draw string bag, I made a felt Christmas pudding & stitched that on there to make it look more fun. All the ornaments were stored in the little bag so when the little ones came down on the morning of December 1st they were able to open the bag and decorate their little tree. 

They had so much fun decorating the tree over and over and it worked quite nicely as a quiet spot for when the excitement got a bit much. I'm going to make a few new ornaments for this year, hopefully it will be a nice tradition for them.

I also made advent calenders last year, well I bought kits to make them but did the hard work myself ;)

This has given me a kick up the bum to get on with making some little treats to go in the calenders this year (any ideas would be fab!) I better get cracking as this year will be a busy one, I plan to make crackers, chutneys, gift hampers, wrapping paper, decorations, as much as I can from scratch from the help of my little ones.

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