Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Spaghetti dogs

For our getting involved post this week I wanted to post about cooking together, something the Little People and I like to do.

This is simple and fun, even for tiny ones (remember mine are 2 & a half and 3 & a half) and they seem to really enjoy making their own lunch, Little Mr even eats more when he has made his meal.

First we cut up tinned hot dog sausages into pieces of 1 inch and under - using a child friendly knife of course!

Next push pieces of dried spaghetti through the sausage pieces. For this you can use as many bits of spaghetti and sausage as you like, we sometimes do just one sausage and lots of spaghetti, other times we use as many sausages as we can get away with!

Since the kids cooked with me and I wanted them to be able to be as involved as possible I didn't preheat the water so they were able to put their spaghetti dogs into the pan then all I had to do was put the heat on and we went to have a drink and a biscuit while it was warming up.

Once the spaghetti starts cooking and softening you can move it around to get the uncooked bits into the water, it will soften fairly quickly so no need to worry about cooking unevenly.

For a simple sauce we used a small tin of carrot and coriander soup, added some sweetcorn and chopped tomatoes. After a good stir this was then put on the hob (by me of course) and warmed through.

Once it was all ready I got the little ones to grate some cheese while I served the spaghetti dogs onto their plates.

A sprinkling of grated cheese. Done!

I asked Little Mr if he wanted to contribute to this post so here is what he had to say:

we love sgetty dogs

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