Thursday, July 04, 2013

Sticker posters - Home ed

Today the Little People & I spent some time with their workbooks, they absolutely love doing workbooks, funny little darlings, I imagine it's because they are more like activity books really and they love learning and showing off what they can do.

We have been using the Gold Stars workbooks which are cute and colourful, not too full on but enough to help the little ones build on what they already know to further their understanding. Anyway, this was the one we looked at today - Starting to count.

They have a copy each so no squabbling! They sat and worked through the pages together for around half an hour, completely engrossed bless them. Once they'd had enough I told them they could have a sticker so they chose one each but soon became disappointed that they didn't stay stuck on for long (well they were taken on and off and moved and put on their faces before returning to t-shirts!).

So we came up with a better idea for showing off their good work stickers. We got a sheet of card for each of them, some self adhesive letters and shapes and away we went.


They each picked out the letters to spell their names and stuck the letters onto their posters.

 A few self adhesive hearts to "prettyful' them.

Then we used glitter glue to finish them off. 

We have stuck them on the back of the living room door so that each time they do some more activities in their workbooks, read a new book, learn to spell something new or basically anything that is an educational achievement, they get to pick a sticker to put on their poster. I thought it would be nice for my husband and I to write the date by the sticker and 'mummy' or 'daddy' depending on who did the activity with them.

It means they can show off their stickers to anyone who comes to visit and we can see at a glance how they are progressing by the amount of stickers. A cute little incentive for all of us.

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