Saturday, July 06, 2013

Toddling for Barnardos

Each year since Little Mr was able to walk, we have taken part in the Barnardos Big Toddle which is a short sponsored walk for under 5's, the money raised from the toddles goes toward helping the UK's most disadvantaged under 5's.

We love to do our bit for charity where we can and the Big Toddle is something we like to be involved in specifically because our children are raising money for other children their age.

The theme this year was Fairy tales and nursery rhymes so Little Mr chose a spider outfit - incy wincy of course, and Little Miss went for Snow White.

Before we left to do the toddle we had a story, sent in our pack from Barnardo's. The kids loved hearing about Todd the Gentle Giant, and we were able to have a little chat about why we were doing the toddle, who it was going to benefit and why it was good to do. 

After the story I made them some balloon mice - three blind mice, perfect for the theme!

Little Mr drawing glasses on his mouse
Once we were ready to go we head of to the sea front to warm up for our toddle, much to the joy of the Little People, there were a couple of horses grazing and taking a rest at our warm up spot. The horse riders allowed the little ones to stroke the horses and even sit on them which they really enjoyed.

Next they had a little run around and sang songs to warm up.

Then we were off!

We had worked out the 1/4 mile route before hand and explained to the little ones where the finish point was. It was a very hot day (typical since we have had next to no sun so far this year) and it wasn't long before they asked to go on our shoulders so The Mr & I explained again that we were doing the walk to raise money for other boys and girls who needed it so they needed to walk all the way but as soon as we got there they could have a drink and a rest then they could go on our shoulders all the way back if they wanted. Determined looks spread across their little faces and they set off again.

We got there eventually and clapped and cheered for our little toddlers who were excited that they had "done it!!" and as promised they had cuddles, drinks, crisps and sat down at a shaded bench where they received their medals and stickers for doing so well!

Well done little ones!
They had a lot of fun once they got past the initial hurdle - we are so proud of them! I asked them several times if they could remember why they were toddling and was pleased when they responded with "to help the nother boys and girls" bless them!

So far we have raised £123 for Barnardos & we have promises of more sponsors so we have succeeded our target of £100!

Next year will be the last toddle that Little Mr is eligible for so next year will be big for us, we plan to organise a big event and invite lots of people. I'm going to start planning already.

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