Saturday, August 10, 2013

A girlie day with Little Miss

A couple of days back when I was putting her to bed, Little Miss was over tired and grumpy and didn't know what she wanted to do so I asked her what she thought would be fun to do and she said "shopping with Mummy!". It got me thinking that we have never spent a proper day together, just the 2 of us, out and about so asked her what else she would like to do and she said "cinema and curry". We talked for a little while about what we could do and decided to make a date!

Wednesday was our girlie date day! We put Little Miss' car seat in the front passenger seat, which she LOVED as has never been in the front seat before. She was able to hit the radio button with her foot, which amused her!

We dropped Little Mr off at nursery and decided we would let Daddy join us for lunch so we head off to a little cafe where we could sit outside and enjoy the sunshine. Little Miss was chattering away excitedly, pointing out everything that interested her and telling us exactly what the plans were for the day.

We had our lunch, took some photos and let her soak up the excitement. It was so lovely to see her enjoying time out with us alone - I really must make sure both the children have more one on one time with us. 

We waved goodbye to The Mr and jumped back in the car. Next stop shopping for pretty things! Little Miss grabbed a basket and threw in everything she fancied. Minnie Mouse pyjamas, a mini mouse plush toy, lots of hair bands & headbands and a necklace & matching bracelet with bright coloured beads - very girlie girl

Finally it was cinema time! Little Miss has been to the cinema once before but was tiny, probably 5 months, so wouldn't remember it. We chose to see Monsters University at the Curzon cinema in Clevedon and arrived there early to choose our seats and buy our popcorn. Little Miss was beyond excited as we walked down to the refreshments booth, which is at the front by the screen - how cool is that??

The curtains opened and she finally burst with excitement "Look Mummy LOOK!" followed by "wow" at any flicker of light or movement on the screen. Settled in her seat with Malteasers, popcorn and juice she was ready for the film. The look on her face was so adorable, I'll never forget it.

The film was great fun, not as good as the first Monsters film but still very good, we laughed & Little Miss roared along with the trainee scarers. The fidgets came about 10 minutes before the end of the film but all in all it was a successful cinema trip!

Holding hands walking back to the car, Little Miss told me how much she loved the cinema and that it was her "best day ever" I have to say it was up there on my list of best days ever too!

Snuggling in her new PJs after a busy day

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