Friday, September 13, 2013

Cake "ice creams" by toddlers

Yesterday The Mr was working so the Little People & I had a "special Mummy treat day" (as Little Mr calls it) and did all the things they wanted to do that we don't usually do when Daddy is about. Messy things basically haha!

Little Miss wanted to make cakes and I'd seen this photo of cake in a cone on Pinterest and thought it might be a fun thing to let the kids try to recreate it.

We made up a simple sponge batter (2 eggs, 4oz, sugar, 4oz, self raising flour, 4oz butter), pre heated the oven to 180 and filled the cones.

They went in the oven for 20 minutes then we left them to cool while we made up some butter cream icing (icing sugar and butter & mix with a fork until you get the creamy consistency)

I have to admit this was where I was tempted to join in and make really pretty ice cream looking cakes but I was a good mummy and left them to it eeek!

The butter cream was put into the icing syringe and they set to work icing then decorating their cakes with white chocolate sprinkles and icing 'sauce'

Okay so they didn't look quite like the beautiful ones on Pinterest but they are kinda cute & at the rate they disappeared I guess they were yummy too! 

The actual cake was a little stodgy but I think that may have been because they packed a little too much batter into the cones.

It was a fun activity and the first of their 2 "home economics" lessons of the day. I can't wait to do some myself at the next party we host - such a cute idea!

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