Monday, September 02, 2013

Hello September fun!

My goodness I have been AWOL for a looong time this time! I'm sure you have all really missed me right? I cannot believe how busy the Summer has been for us but it's all been pretty good. My little business Sew Personal to You, has been keeping me on my toes, not so much orders but the usual fun that comes along from setting up a business all by yourself (eeek!).

The best thing that has happened to me recently is that I am finally getting some relief from this chronic pain & fatigue (still waiting for diagnosis but suspected fibromyalgia). I won't be a bore about it but basically have been in pain every single day for a year now (symptoms started 4 years ago and just got worse and worse) so finally getting some different pain killers I'm getting a few pain free hours a day now which means more time to have fun with my little darlings, and that's my favourite thing ever! I've even been able to get back into crafts and cooking - woohoo! Amazing result!

Since the Little People will be home educated we have been continuing at their pace to learn the things they are interested in, thankfully they adore learning so it's actually a real pleasure to 'teach' them. They are forever asking what things are and "how do you spell it's name mummy" which is great fun, Little Miss, at 2.5. can spell her name & her brother's name, "mummy", "daddy", "sky", "love" & "cat" which I think is a really good start - bless her. She has got out of nappies in the last few weeks and it's kinda sad that my 'baby' is now a little girl but it's exciting to be going into a new stage of fun, learning & interesting conversations.

We picked up these work books from Argos at an amazing price, £2.99 for 6 books & 2 posters. There seems to be limited stock but if you can get them local they seem to be going down well with my little ones. We don't follow a curriculum or anything but they enjoy doing word searches and activities in magazines so I thought it was worth buying a few sets of these for them to play about and practise with. I know lots of home ed families don't go near work books etc but it seems to work for them as another activity alongside all the play learning etc.

 "Working hard Mummy!"

Life is rather good right now, loads of exciting things going on but I really don't want to bore you with it all in one post, so this is a little catch up from us! Hope you have all enjoyed your summer holidays together.

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