Friday, September 06, 2013

Inkscape 'heart" tutorial

Recently I have been using the program Inkscape and had a few troubles making some shapes, mainly hearts, and since some others have wondered how to make them I thought I'd do a quick tutorial on how to draw a basic heart on Inkscape.

On the left hand side of the screen you'll see the measurement bar. Click and hold anywhere along that bar and drag toward the middle of the page, you will see there is a vertical red line - this is your guide line.

 Select your Draw Bezier tool

Click on the vertical line, release mouse button and drag to the left to create a straight line
Click and hold the left mouse button down which will bring up a blue bar along the one you have just drawn, This will then allow you to make a curve for the top of your heart, you can move it around until you get the shape you like but don't worry too much as you can adjust it later if you need.

Next move your cursor back to your guide line, this will form the bottom part of your heart - you do not need to have the button held down to create this line, just click on the guide line once you are happy with the position. You need to hit enter to save what you have drawn, very important to do this as if you click off without hitting enter you will lose your shape.
Now you have half of a heart shape. If you are happy with it you can skip this next step but if not here is how you adjust your half heart.

Select the "edit path by nodes" tool which will bring up the points in your heart that will change the shape of your heart without losing the structure .
Clicking on the little square nodes and dragging will allow you to reshape your heart, you may need to move both the node on the guide line and the outer node to find the desired shape.

Go back to your "select" tool and click on your half heart.
Copy and paste so you have 2 half hearts.

 Next highlight one of the halves and select the flip horizontally tool

You can then position the, halves together to complete your heart.

You can then click on the guide line and hit delete

At this point you'll be able to zoom in and check your halves have joined up properly before selecting the heart and "grouping" it to keep it together.

And there you have your heart! It sounds tricky but honestly once you have done it once you'll have no problems making more :) Enjoy! 

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